Grimsby Free Skool

I’m offering two courses for the Grimsby Free Skool. I would be delighted to have more participants.

Seasonal Farm Cooking
Instructor: Elissa Smith
Contact: elissa at elissasmith dot ca

This course, taught in a hands-on format in Elissa Smith’s kitchen, is only offered from June to October when fresh local ingredients are available. Starting with strawberry rhubarb pie, then moving on canning pickles and salsa. We will bake delicious apricot, cherry, peach, and raspberry pies together throughout July and August. You will also learn how to can beets, pears and peaches. In the fall apple-sauce and pumpkin pie will be the focus. A small cost for the ingredients will be involved and food prepared will be divided by the participants to take home.

Child-Birth Preparation
Instructor: Elissa Smith
Contact: elissa at elissasmith dot ca

Are you having a baby for the fist time and do not know what to expect? Elissa has attended dozens of births as a student midwife at McMaster University – both in hospital and at home. She has lots to say about birth, and she would be honoured to help you prepare for a healthy and joyful birth.

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  1. Yuyu says:

    My kiddos are still prttey young 5, 4 and 2. I do schedule them, but I make a concerted effort not to over schedule. Although with the different personalities of the kiddos, I can see already that my middle one is going to need more activities that her brother and sister she has a physical energy level that is over the moon.At this point in the game, we have some classes that are drop off, like their summer painting class, some classes that are parent participation, like the Dude’s ECFE class and some classes that are watchers, like gymnastics and swimming. And while so far I’ve been able to watch all these classes, this is also the part of parenting I’ve really been looking forward to the games, the practices, the rehearsals. I love seeing what makes the kids interested in doing more. I don’t see myself being the type of mom who makes her son play a sport if he doesn’t want to play in HS, but I do see making sure he’s introduced to playing on a team and trying out something new. Same goes for the girls. I’m sure there will be times I have to miss a game, but I’m quite certain I would do my best to make sure someone else was there to watch. It would mostly be for my own benefit though damn Catholic guilt.

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