Elissa’s Baby Shower Wish List

Matthew and I are expecting a baby in late January. Lately we’ve been busy gathering the material goods we’ll need to welcome this new soul into the world. If you would like to help us with our efforts, you’ve come to the right place, and we are deeply grateful. We’ve decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby until the birth, so gender neutral colours are ideal, especially cream and ivory.


We have set up a registry with warmth and weather which is a company owned by Arlene Thorn based out of Thunder Bay. She’s really nice! Engel, Hocosa and Disana are all German or Swiss companies specializing in really sensible, durable and warm children’s clothing made from natural fabrics.

When something is ordered off of the Warmth and Weather website it is automatically marked as purchased so that others don’t purchase the same item. If you plan to purchase something below, please let us know and we’ll mark it as claimed.

Other items

Shops to visit in Toronto

Ava’s Appletree
870 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON
M4E 1S3

Baby on the Hip
969 Queen St E
Toronto, ON
M4M 1K2
(416) 465-4141

Things we already have

  • Crib and mattress (thanks to Nina and Gran)
  • Cloth diapers, liners and covers (thanks to David and Alison)
  • Moses Basket (thanks to Lea Philpott and Nancy – aka “Mom” – Feagan)
  • Newborn carseat (thanks to Rasa and Arunas)
  • Stroller/pram (thanks to Rasa and Arunas)
  • Nursing Pillow (thanks to Rasa and Arunas)
  • Toys (Elissa has been running a home daycare all year, so we really don’t need any toys)
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Peach Tree Nursery

Peach Tree Nursery is a new home childcare located in Grimsby, Ontario. In January I’m opening my heart and home to children in my area who are in need of care during the day. My daily rhythm includes free play, snacks, outdoor time, a nutritious and wholesome lunch, rest time, and stories, songs and verses generously sprinkled throughout the day.

My childcare program is based upon the Waldorf educational model. I’m a trained Waldorf Early Childhood Educator, graduating in March of 2014 and I’ve been involved in Waldorf Early Childhood Education for over two years, first as at the Halton Waldorf School, and then in the Kindergarten at the Toronto Waldorf School.

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Grimsby Free Skool

I’m offering two courses for the Grimsby Free Skool. I would be delighted to have more participants.

Seasonal Farm Cooking
Instructor: Elissa Smith
Contact: elissa at elissasmith dot ca

This course, taught in a hands-on format in Elissa Smith’s kitchen, is only offered from June to October when fresh local ingredients are available. Starting with strawberry rhubarb pie, then moving on canning pickles and salsa. We will bake delicious apricot, cherry, peach, and raspberry pies together throughout July and August. You will also learn how to can beets, pears and peaches. In the fall apple-sauce and pumpkin pie will be the focus. A small cost for the ingredients will be involved and food prepared will be divided by the participants to take home.

Child-Birth Preparation
Instructor: Elissa Smith
Contact: elissa at elissasmith dot ca

Are you having a baby for the fist time and do not know what to expect? Elissa has attended dozens of births as a student midwife at McMaster University – both in hospital and at home. She has lots to say about birth, and she would be honoured to help you prepare for a healthy and joyful birth.

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